Project Showcase

 Projects Showcase

Southern Organics is an Alabama small business serving local restaurants and food retail outlets with farm-fresh fish and produce.
We built them a customer order management system that enabled them to serve their customers better.

Brown’s Orchards is a Pennsylvania based Farm Market. We built them a custom asset and maintenance tracking application.
This has given them an efficient and cost effective method of tracking equipment problems, history, and maintenance.

unsatisfied with off the shelf software We were hired by a Colorado based process server & private investigation company
to create a business management program that met their specific needs.

Hired by an east coast GIS mapping company we picked up where a previous developer left off to deliver the final touches on an existing project.

A UK based development company hired us to help make cosmetic changes to an existing web application.

We were brought in to perform updates to an existing web application.

We were hired to build and deploy a custom asset management web application.

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